Monday, March 17, 2008

Episode2 : Team Exchange4media talk about Youth In India

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Welcome to our 2nd episode from CLAVoice. In this episode we spoke to the Exchange4media team that consist of Noor Fathima Warsia , Tasneem Limdiwala, Rishi Vora. You can also download the Podcast here.

This Podcast was truly a very interesting Dialogue with different perspectives. A small synopsis of what the conversation churned out, this time was as follows:

The youth is believed to be brand conscious and are proud about their nationality. They are tech savvy and innovation – and Noor believes this is not a metro phenomenon. Their attention spans are very short and today Indian Youth have are very family embedded.

Brands that have done well according to Noor, in terms of catering to the Youth would be X Box and most beverage brands, while Rishi vouches for Moto Yuva.

The conversation that brought us to what medium could be used to cater to the youth – while Internet and Viral Marketing were discussed, Noor Believes that there is no one mediums that can be used. The message has to available for the youth to consumer everywhere. No 1 medium has a critical mass of the youth.

There was quite a discussion about Music and it being a significant Youth Trend…. Is Himesh only big is US and are Music choices influenced solely by peers?

The conversation then ran through points like other significant trends, the difference in youth in Urban, Semi urban and rural areas.

Do post your comments and let us know what you think of the youth.

Monday, March 3, 2008

Episode 1: Gokul Krishnamurthy talks about Youth in India

Cheerio! the 1st Creativeland Asia Voice Podcast is up. In conversation with Gokul Krishnamurthy, who was the Editor of Impact during the recording of this podcast.

Mr Krishnamurthy throws light on some interesting point on the youth of India. The conversation transcends from the youth as consumers, to the problems that marketers face towards the youth segment. He shares some interesting finding about the youth alcohol consumption and the similarities and difference in the youth across Semi urban, urban and rural youth segments in India

Please do excuse us for the sound quality this time around, we caught a lot of wind from the AC. I may sound a little electronic, sorry about that. You can even download the file here.

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Highlights of the podcast with Mr Gokul Krishnamurthy

4: 17 : Gokul believes The Indian youth as consumers are looking for value, It has to be value driven but it has to be cool also.

5.57 : Regarding youth social activities Gokul, had done some quick research with a bunch of young and came up with some interesting idea’s.

7.19 : Challenges faced in by brands and marketers for the youth segment.
Gokuls has some interesting view and believes the youth today is a remixed generation. He believes Brands are unable to localize message for specific segments in the youth segments. He effectively uses the Nike Cricket ad with Indian Team as an example of youth as a driver for other segments

16.40 : Youth trend in music he believes remixes are not un ‘cool' they are not cheap, hinglish is very cool in music and entertainment. Bindaas has cracked it well with a few shows.

18 25 : shares interesting facts on Alcohol Consumption

20 26 : Interesting theory on youth media consumption discussing the ‘why generation and the “I” generation.

: Youth and the Young brand. Discusses the fact that he thinks there is confusion between what is young wand is cool and what is in.

30.45 :
Throws light on the urban semi urban Rural markets and tells if they been explored

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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Creativeland Asia Voice

Let’s take a look at the average Urban Youth in India. It’s easy to spot them. With their trendy haircuts that cost anywhere between Rs.300 - 1500. With their Sunglasses (even on cloudy days) that range from Rs.150 - 5000 depending on whether they are from Colaba Causeway or Armani. With their fancy clothes with fancy logos patched on them. With nails done up at Rs.50 per nail at the Nail Bar, an exclusive parlour for NAILS! You can spot them walking down college streets, wearing their 3-inch Aldos and heavyweight Red Tapes.

Like a recent ad suggests Network has become the fourth basic necessity of life. MP3 players, cell phones and Orkut accounts have all become mandatory for the youth.

The choices to buy are plenty; the places to buy from are even more varied. So what moves the youth of India today to buy an ipod and not a China-made MP3 player? Why have Orkut and Facebook become so much of a fascination? Do marketers understand the reason why the youth would die for a shirt with the logo of D&G even if it’s a cheap rip-off of the brand? Why is it that brands want to get rid off their wrinkles and be seen as young again?

This research conducted by Creativeland Asia, will try and understand the above and much more. From Youth Behaviour, to what they think about sex, music, drugs and education. The research, just like the youth, cannot be constrained by boundaries.

The basic objective is simple – Understanding the Youth Pan-Asia.

The research will be a 360-degree look at every aspect of 'The Pan-Asian Youth'. It will be based on interviews and perspectives shared with us by not only the youth but also marketers and journalists who have a rounded view of issues affecting the youth. The research will be conducted primarily through Podcast. It will first start with a detailed study of the youth in India and then move on to other countries in Asia.